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Why Radox Design?

1. Highest quality finishing which is the result of combining industrial design based on artistic visions with technology of invisible laser welding and lacquering with techniques used in automotive industry.

2. Over 20 years of company's upright activity and 10 years of warranty for Radox radiators.

3. Wide range of choice from models of bathroom and room radiators.

4. Exclusive design means our radiators will also harmonize with office spaces, living rooms, kitchens and hallways.

5. Ecological welding without use of copper:

As a renowned producer we don't and never will use any kind of copper coating in production of our radiators. Copper coating is used by cheap producers in other countries, leading to the release of dangerous byproducts such as copper cyanide which has a devastating impact on the natural environment. Profile 1D (below) see from an angle indicates the wear of coating and the accumulation of welding metal on joints. In our radiator, the welded end shows no sign of use of welding furnace.

Unikalność produkcji grzejników Radox


1. On the upper side of profile "D" polished edges show the use of TIG technique.

2. The inside of the radiator is smooth, grey and clean – no sign of rust.

3. The surface between the collector and the element is homogeneous in the effect of welding.

4. The lustre of chrome finish, apart from its decorative role, protects the radiator. Our radiators undergo resistance tests and have to withstand 200 hours in a salt chamber.



Our radiators are made in the best stainless steel on the market which makes them ones of the most resistant. Stainless steel doesn't rust by its nature, it's easier in maintenance. In 90% it's produced ecologically, from recycled material, and it's 100% recyclable.



Investment for the future!

In 2005 one of the largest factories equipped in an automated line for radiator chroming was commissioned, the investment cost over 2.000.000 €.

The device is fully automated and the whole technology fulfills European norms of quality and protection of the environment.


We carry out extensive tests of all our radiators during production – every Radox radiator has to go through 9 points of quality control – we supervise every stage of production. Every radiator is controlled in the same, rigorous way.


How can we allow ourselves to offer a 10 year warranty on spray painted and chromed radiators?

      • Thanks to a high quality of production which complies with standards ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2005 and CE regulations such as EN 442.

      • Thanks to the use of high quality paints from Akzo Nobel (one of the largest world producers) - their products do not contain TGIC – a toxic substance applies as a hardener.

      • Thanks to the use of double nickel (35-40 microns) during the process of chroming.

      • Thanks to a galvanizing device – fully automated - and thanks to an airtight closure of radiators, we are able to avoid the permeation of acids during the chroming process, thus preventing the inside of radiators from rusting.

      • Thanks to sandblasting before painting the radiator – it's the main factor which increases the adhesion of the coating to the surface.



In production of our chromed radiators we do not use copper. The use of copper (a procedure widely applied by cheap producers) creates derivative toxic substances, having a destructive impact on the environment.

The best proof of the high quality of our radiators are certificates accorded in 2000 and 2004 - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In 2006 we obtained a confirmation of product compliance with European norms - EN 442.